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    From puppy food to senior food. No bone meal, no protein substitutes, no preservatives, no artificial colors and flavors.
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    Build your brand with us

    We offer comprehensive services consisting in the creation and implementation of new products for pets with the client's logo, under his own brand (private label).

    As a producer of wholesome premium meals for dogs and cats, Feedpro Sp. z o.o. specializes in developing effective commercial brand concepts and integrating with existing private label programs.

    This offer is dedicated to companies that have an idea to introduce a new solution, but also to those that already have experience with their own brand and want to enter the market with a competitive offer.


    Our knowledge - Your success

    Feedpro Sp. z o.o. is one of the largest Polish producers of pet food.

    Thanks to modern production lines, our own laboratory and a team of specialists, we are able to produce any product in the field of animal feed, which puts us among the largest and most developed companies in this industry on the Polish market.

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    Contract production

    If you have had your own brand of pet food for years, but are looking for a new manufacturer or plan to enter the premium segment with your brand - you've come to the right place.

    Contact us and see what you can gain from commissioning us to produce under your brand.


    Wet pet food

    Animal feed according to your wishes.

    We produce wet food for dogs and cats in Super Premium quality. In addition, our products are characterized by a full-meat consistency.

    Lots of flavors, different types of meats, vegetables and fruits, packed in cans, sausages or in a stand-up pouch - whatever you need! The offer also includes recipes tailored to the specific needs of puppies and kittens. All our products provide the full range of nutrients required - no need for additional food to provide additional vitamins or minerals.

    Reference brands

    So that you can see what our products look like, we have created reference brands. You can order paid samples at https://zew-natury.com


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